Thanksgivukkah Weekend Project, Part 2


Learn from my mistakes, folks.

  1. Don’t try to paint sitting in awkward positions on the garage floor two days in a row. You’ll be hobbling at work for no good reason and your coworkers will laugh at you.
  2. If you are painting on said garage floor and think you’re good because you put down cardboard to keep the dirt and dog hair off the pieces, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. When you flip pieces over to paint the other sides, they WILL get scratched from random invisible pebbles.

Hence, things like this happened:

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

I tried to be wiser today, by using tables to elevate the pieces so I wasn’t dying.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

That actually worked pretty well, until, you know, I ran out of tables to put things on.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

(Yes, that is the officially sanctioned paint-stirring spoon in the bottom of that picture. It cracked at some point and was designated as such when we did the great living room painting of 20…2010??

Anyways, I guess I’ll have to let these pieces dry and then go back and do some more later. This project is taking MUCH, MUCH longer than I had anticipated.

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