Allergies Allegory


I managed to get into the doctor on Thursday after my third consecutive “I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, writhing in pain with another sinus-induced migraine”, not to mention all the ones I’ve had over the last couple weeks when the weather started doing strange things. I had this before, and they put me on Nasonex, which effectively stemmed the tide until now. Now they’ve doubled my Nasonex and put me on Zyrtec, too, which totally knocks me out when I take it. Thus, i’m only taking it at night before I go to bed. So far, I haven’t had a migraine, so maybe it really is just allergies. I just hate taking all these med as a preventative measure. It feels like I’ll have to take them forever and if I ever stop, the migraines will come back with a vengeance.

Above all, I don’t want to turn into an allergy monster, allergic to everything excepting nothing like my mom. I feel like I’m extra sensitive to smells (incense, perfume, candles, smoke) because I was never, ever exposed to any of that growing up, because mom is allergic to it all. I’m just not used to those smells and they bother me. My mom is even allergic to “sizing,” a chemical they put in new clothes to make them crisp and new-like. She gets all rashy when she tries on clothes.

I’ve been fortunate as to this far as to not have had any real allergies until last fall. Both of my parents and even my brother have been suffering from allergies for years. I feel like it’s all trying to catch up with me now, and it’s terribly frustrating.

Even the allergies alone wouldn’t be so bad, if they didn’t result in painful migraines everytime. No one else in my family gets those. My dad gets optical migraines sometimes, but we don’t know of anyone else who has regular migraines. Which, in my head, means I should be exempt from allergies entirely! Alas.



Well my blood pressure went back down to normal (104/70), my pulse went back down to normal (60 bpm) but I still have a slight temperature. My main GP was super nice and listened to all my complaints and whining. She said my nasal passages and lymph nodes are all swollen; allergies she thinks. She said all the nasal pressure could be triggering these recurrent migraines. I think she is wise and this is what I have been saying all along :-p I’m now on Nasonex. We shall see, but I am hopeful.

Doctors are grrr


All they did was give me a different triptan (migraine med).

You know, and ignored the fact that my blood pressure was up, my pulse was up, my temperature was up. Even though I made a point to tell the doctor after the nurse was done. She was like, “Oh, yeah, we’ll look.” And did she? No.

By 6p, when I *finally* got out of there (I was there at 3:15 promptly for the appt at 3:30, but they “forgot” I was waiting until 4:10 and then I had to go wait at the pharmacy) my head was killing me. I got home and took the first pill (10 mg of Maxalt) and waited…..and it did nothing. I was seriously writhing in pain. I called my parents in some incoherent blubbering, crying state. (Oh, and thank you, Rebecca, for calling :)) I took a boatload of Advil and the second Maxalt two hours later and when I woke up at 9, things had calmed down. Thank god. But I was crazy dizzy and loopy 🙂 I went back to bed and slept until about 4:30 and then 5:30 and then 6.

Of course, this morning, I feel all the same pressure again. They’re getting rid of the symptoms, not whatever the hell is causing this.