There is some random artist(s) that leave occasional wire-art hanging around Scripps. Sometimes (like the below) it’s hanging off the edge of a building (this one dangling off the first floor of Hubbs Hall). Others I’ve seen have been stuck on the side of a building or on a sign post. All have been ocean-ward. I think it’s pretty neat.

Wheee, calligraphy


I went to Michael’s this evening (the store, not the boyfriend) and picked up a small set of calligraphy markers and some calligraphy parchment. I was inspired by the DVDs in my Arabic book, where they show this guy murmbling things I don’t understand (yet. I assume he’s saying like “Next, we’re going to draw the letter blah! One more time!”) and he has this super cool calligraphy marker. I was like, hey, I could do that.

So I bought some markers. And I totally can.

From Random

Not too shabby for the first try! The top letters started as “baa”, one of the letters, and then “baab”-door, and then I added some random short vowels to try a smaller marker. The rest of it is the alphabet, mostly in order 😉