Baking galore


Things I have made in the last week:

-gingerbread cookies (twice)
-peanut butter cookies (twice)
-chocolate peppermint pinwheels (took three days!)
-pumpkin cookies
-chocolate chip cookies
-pumpkin ice cream

Cookie platter from work’s potluck (all handmade by me!)

I was thinking about making a cookie tree, like this one:

to take to OC with me.

Things that need to get done in the next couple weeks for the wedding:
-send DJ music that he doesn’t have
-get Vivi and Fiona to try on their dresses again
-Find and give dress to seamstress for alterations
-layout and print programs and tie them to bubbles (BUBBLES!)
-watch a ridiculous amount of Food Network (ok, that’s not really related, but I’m off for two weeks and I predict this to be part of my day)
We’re heading up to OC on Weds for Xmas. And then heading back on Saturday evening, because I have a wedding (!) to shoot (and be paid!) on Sunday. It’s a paltry payment, but hey, I can has payment! I’m going over to the woman’s house today, who is a neighbor of my co-worker/wedding coordinator Wendy, to kind of walk through and look at her “tiki hut”.
I’m really looking forward to Anna and Jawn coming down the week before the wedding. It will be so nice to have extra hands around. Anna and I can practice wearing our heels and trying not to kill ourselves. And scuff them up.



One of my users, Denise, saw a picture of the GIANT CUPCAKE I made for Krystal’s birthday and had uploaded to Facebook. Denise could see the business card in the image and thought we had bought it somewhere, so she googled the bakery name, and was like “ooooo!”. She then looked at the contact page and realized it was me! Neat, it was like I’m a real bakery! 🙂

Guinness cake was AWESOME


Seriously, one of the more delectable chocolate cakes I’ve eaten. You couldn’t taste the beer, it wasn’t cloyingly sweet, it had a nice crumb. NOM.

From Baking

And Drew was very “helpful” in the picture taking. “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” (so I did).

From Random

Yeast yeast yeast!


I’m lying in bed, obsessing about different ways to get the yeast to rise. Maybe I skipped the yeast-water step too quickly? My regular bread recipe doesn’t make you bloom the yeast, so I didn’t even think about it.

I think I will bloom it in warm water, then add the sugar and mix that. Let’s see, then it wants warm milk and butter. Then five egg yolks (I worry this is my folly, as I’ve never used eggs in bread before.) then the flour, nutmeg, and lemon zest. I’m out of lemons to zest, so I’ll have to skip that. Seems so east. I wish Anna were here to help! 😦

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Actual email interaction at work:

Hi (Computer Repair Dude),
The help desk was not particularly helpful in checking the status
of this computer that I dropped off last week. They said it had been
assigned to you. I just wanted to check in on it, and see if you had
an ETA on its repair. I appreciate it!

Computer Repair Dude (CRD):
Don’t you love the help desk? Well I order a new lcd
I hope that it gets here today and you can have the
Computer by tomorrow before lunch.

Excellent. Thanks so much for the info. There may be cookies in your
future 🙂


It made me lol.



Dinners made last week:
Elbow pasta with marinara, peas & corn, and garlic bread
Baked mac & cheese with leftover elbow pasta
Vegetarian cornbread casserole (this was on the back of a Lucerne cheese package from Vons)
Herbed tofu lasagna with zucchini (This took me a long time..I think I started at 4:30 and we didn’t eat until 7, but a lot of that was baking and waiting on things. It was deeelish)

Something I want to make this week: Pumpkin bread. Although, if Mona never posts the job for our student, I’m not going to make it 😉

Say hello to my Companion


While it’s not *quite* what I envisioned in my head, and my first time really trying to use fondant, not terribly shabby. Although, I just realized I forgot the little pieces at the bottom. Maybe I’ll go back and fix that, but somehow, I doubt it! Many thanks to Leslee, who guided me through, “well, how do I do that?”

I give unto you, accompanied by our local Companion Cube, WCCC (Weighted Cake Companion Cube):

Next time, I would make all the corner pieces at once, so they were all the same shape, and use something circular so they all fit around in a perfect circle.

Cupcakes and RAIN?!


These aren’t the cutest cupcakes evar, or anything. Work gets in the way of creativity. And migraines. They definitely knock you out. Mike was gracious enough to follow the directions on the box and bake these for me, and I frosted them late last night and wrote them this morning. I really need a REAL set of pastry tips like these. The squeeze tubes of frosting from the store just don’t cut it sometimes.

Oh, and the blobular looking cupcake on the bottom left? That’s supposed to be the SIO logo, but the squeezy tube was disagreeing with me.

I really wanted to make little fondant bows, but had no time nor fondant. It would have been frickin’ adorable.
What’s up with the weird misty rain today? I didn’t know it was suppose to weird misty rain.