Reason #2 why I don’t often stay up late/sleep in (only applicable if stayed up reeeally late): Usually, instant migraine upon waking up.

(Reason #1 is that I fall asleep.)

I wanted to kill imagebank (one of our servers) for telling me it was down at 6 this morning. Even though I know it is not. It did this to me last week, too.

Despite filing my taxes last night, my federal taxes were rejected. The reason? General error. Thanks. They say I have to file by mail now, and TurboTax wants to charge me another $20 to do so. Bastards.

Doctors are grrr


All they did was give me a different triptan (migraine med).

You know, and ignored the fact that my blood pressure was up, my pulse was up, my temperature was up. Even though I made a point to tell the doctor after the nurse was done. She was like, “Oh, yeah, we’ll look.” And did she? No.

By 6p, when I *finally* got out of there (I was there at 3:15 promptly for the appt at 3:30, but they “forgot” I was waiting until 4:10 and then I had to go wait at the pharmacy) my head was killing me. I got home and took the first pill (10 mg of Maxalt) and waited…..and it did nothing. I was seriously writhing in pain. I called my parents in some incoherent blubbering, crying state. (Oh, and thank you, Rebecca, for calling :)) I took a boatload of Advil and the second Maxalt two hours later and when I woke up at 9, things had calmed down. Thank god. But I was crazy dizzy and loopy 🙂 I went back to bed and slept until about 4:30 and then 5:30 and then 6.

Of course, this morning, I feel all the same pressure again. They’re getting rid of the symptoms, not whatever the hell is causing this.