Maybe it should fall more often.


Mike and I bought tickets for Chicago (the city, not the musical) last night for Christmas break to go back and visit his family. While I am excited about going and visiting another state I’ve never been to and meeting family, I’m still a little apprehensive because it will be the first time I will have ever been away from my family at Christmastime.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, and I feel silly for even bringing it up. I guess it’s part of growing up; you have to start splitting your time between different groups of family. While I’m sure I’ll still go visit my family after we get back on the 26th, it’ll still be weird not to wake up in my old room on Christmas morning and go toddling out to the living room, where “Santa” will have left stockings of oranges and chocolate (and the oranges go right back into the fridge from whence they came). The next several hours would be spent trying to get my brother out of bed so we can open prezzies. Sometimes my aunt’s family comes over too and we all have dinner and stuff ourselves. Last year I made a cheesecake that was particularly delish.

I’m sure Mike’s family has their own traditions and celebrations, it’s just weird that I won’t be there Christmas morning with my family.

My cell phone is completely on crack. It freezes when plugged in, or doesn’t recognize the charger, or claims it’s unable to charge. I can be sitting, staring at it, with full reception, and someone can call and it will skip the actual “ringing” part and go straight to “Oh look! You have voicemail!” And then I curse it and want to chuck it out the window. Lather, rinse, repeat. Moral of this section: who has a good cell phone recommendation (I have Verizon)? I want something non-Motorola retarded (eg. old charger style like this one), and relatively sleek. This thing is a giant clunker and heavy to boot. I am even beginning to be willing to buy myself a new phone, despite having another year on the contract. Suggestions, please!

Also, while at a wedding this weekend for Mike’s high school friend Karen, I was astounded to see both Kristie Dyteniak and Ashley Klein from MY high school. Kristie turned out to be the cousin of the groom. Small world.