Woe is my (music) keyboard


My keyboard of yonder-year (Yamaha PSR-185 in all of its melted-feet-that-stain-all-material-it-comes-in-contact-with-and-buzzing-power-supply glory) has developed a significant sound issue now. I could live with the sticky, melty feet and the buzzzzzzzz from the power supply, but over the last few times, I’ve noticed the sound bounces back and forth between speakers and now seems to have stopped coming out of the left speaker entirely. Percussive maintenance worked for a bit, and then the speaker stopped again. Woe. I’ve had that keyboard since I was ~13 and taught myself to play the piano on it.

What I’d love to get to replace it is the DGX 620, but it is woefully out of my price range coming in at just under a grand. The lowest eBay even has it is $881. Heck, the “lowest” full size keyboard they offer is a whalloping $500 (the DGX 505).

Does this mean I shall never have another keyboard again? 😥