It’s been a long week. And it’s Wednesday.

We went to the funeral for Jess’ dad yesterday. I can’t really say much more than that.

In happier news, earthmami took my old desk, that I’ve had since I was 10 or so, and loaded it up in her Uhaul to head to her new apartment in OC. That desk holds a lot of memories (and a lot of stuff, which is now scattered on the ground of my room). I’m feeling my annual itch to shake things up and reorganize my room now. I’ve never understood that feeling of wanting to move furniture and make things feel “new” again, but it shows up, rain or shine, about once a year. One thing that I’m looking forward to (yet can’t really afford) is buying an armchair that I could sit and read in. I’ve always want a big squishy armchair where you can throw your legs over the side.

I know most people complain about makeup coming off too easily during the day, but I have always seemed to have had the opposite problem. If I put something on and try to wipe it off, it always seems to have cemented itself to my skin.

Also girly related–who on earth came up with the idea of pads without wings? Seriously, I feel like the center of the pad is useless sometimes and pads without wings are like…I don’t know, self-imposed torture. I’m never accidentally buying those again.

Also also girly related–I saw the picture of a friend’s engagement ring this morning. It had a large stone set up raised in the middle and then two smaller thingies (baguettes?) on each side. While it is pretty and shiny, it is so not something I would choose for myself. I am not gaudy, I am not flashy. I would never want a ring that protruded up off my hand, much like my mom’s does, because it would forever be getting caught on EVERYTHING. My mom flips hers underneath her hand when she doesn’t want it to get caught on something. That would drive me absolutely bananas. Which brings me to my point: I have never actually seen an engagement ring on anyone every that is not large and protrudy and flashy. Am I so out of the norm that they make nothing like that?

This rambling was brought to you by the computer “baskerville” and its early morning decision to not let its user log in and thus necessitating a reinstall.