A Short Play


(Or, How I love 1Password and even bought one of their really geeky tshirts)

Scene: Last night

Newly restored iPhone: Put in your voicemail password!

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhh (try a few random 4-digit combos)

iPhone: NOPE


iPhone: NOPE

Me: Maybe I put this in 1Password?

1Password: Here is your voicemail pin!

iPhone: Yep!

Me: Yay!!

Ooooh, what a beautiful moooorning


I woke up early this morning (5:30–I didn’t need to get up until 6:30) and was lying in bed, checking email, weather, etc. I had thought the weather forecast today was no rain, but it changed, and it’s supposed to start OMGFLOODing this afternoon. When Mike got up, I told him he should take an umbrella, which turned into a “where are all the umbrellas?” I swear, we own no fewer than 5, but can never locate them.

Anyway, I pulled myself out of bed to go umbrella hunting. I opened the door of our bedroom, which looks straight out to the living room window and the blinds were open and the sun was rising and *angels singing*
I don't often see sunrises, but today's is particularly nice.
Sure, it’s a little blown out in the middle there, but whatever, it was my iPhone. I was so inspired, I ran back to the bedroom and got my “real” camera out to capture the moment as well. You don’t get to see it because I’m lazy and that would have required getting out my computer and finding a camera cable and opening iPhoto, blah blah blah. I still haven’t gotten the pictures off from last week’s photography “class” yet.

Oh, I found an umbrella in the closet downstairs. And then I found two in my car. Woops. Sorry, Mike. 😦

Despite my sinuses hurting this morning, the pretty sunrise set a cheery mood for me, and I feel pretty good about the day.

Ok, Apple, this is uncool


I updated my iPhone software this morning—and it’s “unactivated” now because it can’t get to the iTunes store because it’s so slammed. Great, I have an unusable iPhone until they get with the program. It said that it was unable to do new “activations”. It’s not new! TALK TO THE SERVER.

Iron Chef: PDA!


My dad’s (still working) Newton, circa 1993 vs. my new iPhone

Total memory in the Newton? 1 MB. It has some notes about how to do laundry on it.



I’m posting this from my dad’s iPhone! Sadly, I can’t activate the one I procured until I get some info from UCSD. Woe. But it is still super duper cool!!! 🙂