Cupcakes and RAIN?!


These aren’t the cutest cupcakes evar, or anything. Work gets in the way of creativity. And migraines. They definitely knock you out. Mike was gracious enough to follow the directions on the box and bake these for me, and I frosted them late last night and wrote them this morning. I really need a REAL set of pastry tips like these. The squeeze tubes of frosting from the store just don’t cut it sometimes.

Oh, and the blobular looking cupcake on the bottom left? That’s supposed to be the SIO logo, but the squeezy tube was disagreeing with me.

I really wanted to make little fondant bows, but had no time nor fondant. It would have been frickin’ adorable.
What’s up with the weird misty rain today? I didn’t know it was suppose to weird misty rain.