Wedding post of epicness


Ok, let’s blog about the wedding before I forget it all.

Fri, Jan 15–Jon drove down from Napa, making him the first arriving party of the wedding week of craziness. I think we went to Hawaiian restaurant that evening, and maybe played a game? That sounds like something that would happen.

Sat, Jan 16–I went for (another) fitting at the seamstress’, thinking that I was actually picking up the dress. I was not, but I did pick up Jess’ altered dress. Charlie V just had to make things difficult for her! Fortunately, the seamstress had altered hers such that the panels can be removed for later wear sans baby. Mike and Jon (henceforth Jawn) and I picked Anna up at the airport, and then Jawn and Anna realized they totally could have carpooled. Oh well. Jawn wanted BURRITOS for lunch, so we tried to find a Santana’s. Turns out they changed their name to Real MXN Food or something. Anyways, it was fine. We went home and dropped off the boys, and Anna and I went to Vons to get ingredients for pizza and pizookies for the “Super chill, laid-back, pre-wedding girl hangout”. We came back and made pizza dough (x4, although, we thought we were making x2) and cookie dough while Mike and Jawn played games. The girls started arriving and we went the boys off to Josh’s for the bachelor party. We attempted a pizza, which turned out to be two pizzas’ worth of dough. It bubbled and burned badly. Uh oh. A quick order to Papa John’s later, and we were saved. I then tried to make a pizookie, which I HAVE done before, and it burned. Badly. Like whoa. Soooo, we walked across the street to Dairy Queen (sorry Kathy!). Despite the food issues, I had a great time, and it was fun. I went to bed wondering when Mike was going to stumble in and wake me up in the middle of the night.

Sun, Jan 17–Mike stumbled in around 8a (I was already awake). He and Jawn had been up all night. Jawn crashed a little while later on the floor of our bedroom and Mike fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. We met with the photographer in the afternoon and walked around with them down at the Forum.

Mon, Jan 18–MLK Jr. Day. We all had the day off except Mags. We re-attempted the pizza & pizookie and it was a roaring success. Nom.

Tues, Jan 19–Jawn and Anna and I met Jess at Souplantation for lunch, and Jawn mixed all his courses up all wrong! 🙂 It was pouring rain again this day, as it did most of the week. Mike went to pick up his tux after work, and I think this was the day that Krystal came to pick us up, and we all went to Cucina Urbana for dinner with Jules & Matt, and Jess & Charles. Samara even let me carry her around and was all cute. I showed my remembrance of car-seat-function (from when I lived with Vivi and Fiona) by buckling her in and out of her seat. Dinner was yum.

Weds, Jan 20–The seamstress kept telling me that I didn’t have to make an appt to pick up the dress (for real) but that whenever someone told her that they’d come at a time, they’d show up late. Which make me want to be on time like whoa. I told her 10a, and I was there at 10a on the dot. SO THERE. Dress and silly jacket thing was picked up. Fortunately, it was not raining this morning. We took the dress home and spirited it up to Anna’s room/the office for hiding. Anna and I met with the DJ at noon at the Forum so he would know where he should setup and stuff on the day. Our DJ was such a nice guy. I also took the guitars to the Forum this day and stashed them in Wendy (coordinator)’s office for hiding, as we didn’t want to bring them in during the rehearsal and arouse suspicions. Not sure what we did the rest of the day.

Thurs, Jan 21–My parents were coming down this day, and I expected them midday (foolishly–they’re serially late! :)). I spent the morning cleaning like a madperson, because my grandma, who had been staying with them in OC, and I thought was coming with them, is famous for trying to clean whatever house she’s in. I thought that they were going to be coming to the house first. Turned out they were running late, didn’t have grandma with them, and went straight to the Estancia hotel. It was still raining, and my uncle and aunt’s flight out of Tuscon to SD got cancelled. They carpooled with another passenger from their flight and drove the rest of the way (~5 hours). Talk about commitment. They got in around 8p. We picked up my mom from the hotel around 4p to go get our nails done for the wedding. Jess had gone separately from work, and called to tell us that the nail place was randomly closed (probably no customers due to rain. We might melt). We went down to Fashion Valley instead to Maggie’s old nail place (carefully avoiding the south side of the parking lots, which was flooded. The river had been 3 feet over its banks the day before). Got nails done, dropped mom off. Mike and Jawn had gone down to the Forum to look at the lights and we met them there. There was a director’s office function going on, so we couldn’t really do much. We decided to hit up Miami Grille for dinner. Afterwards, Mike and I went back to the Estancia to hang out with my parents and aunt and uncle (newly arrived). I got my 5 yo cousin, Kameron, addicted to Flight Control, and he pretty much played this for the rest of the weekend. We went home to crash.

Fri, Jan 22–Anna and I went over to the hotel for lunch and hanging out in the afternoon with more family (very gracious of her) and we discovered my cousin Britt was in the room across the hall from my parents! Funny. We headed home around 4 to change and get ready for the rehearsal. We decided to try to go early to practice and do a sound check of the song. We ran into my coworker Karin in the parking lot, and she helped us break into the Forum, which didn’t have the alarm set, fortunately! (I have the code, but I haven’t had to use it). Wendy arrived, and we ran through the song a couple times. It was cool. It started raining again! People showed up and I distributed necklaces to the girls. We ran through the ceremony twice and then headed out to the dinner at Trattoria Acqua. We didn’t get to the restaurant until 8:30, and not eating until 9. By 10:30, I was crashing. I think we left around 11. It was very tasty though. Headed home and crashed.

Sat, Jan 23–Wedding day! I slept pretty well. Maggie left to go get her makeup partially done in the morning and I was antsy and anxious waiting for them to get back so we could leave. The boys were leaving at the same time, and we had a bit of a dance trying to hide the dress. Got the to Forum, got settled….more waiting. I wandered around a while and watched Jawn put up the lanterns, which he did a fabulous job on. Finally, my turn for makeup..well, partially, then went to hair, which took like, an hour and I was super antsy about time. I hate being late! Got dressed, more makeup, pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures. The photographers were very thorough. Then the ceremony, which is a bit of a blur, but I felt calm the whole time and didn’t cry. And just like that, it was over! Everyone looked great and my cousin Erik, who performed the ceremony, was fantastic. Then we took pictures until I was blue. Over and over and over and over and over. Finally, Wendy rescued us for our entrance and song. We came in, and played Blackbird, and brought down the house. It was pretty awesome. Finally, we got to eat. This is the first time I had sat down wearing the “corset” thing, and realized it squished my stomach greatly. I ate a little bit of everything, but was like SO FULL. After eating, we started making rounds. I don’t think we finished before toasts and then father/daughter and mother/son dances, uhh, and then? I don’t remember. We made more rounds, there was cake, a bouquet toss, more pictures (at this point, I was like, seriously photographers, GO HOME). Finally things wound down with the Beatles song “Good Night”. I went and changed out of the dress STAT. We cleaned up and finally got out of there around 11. My brother drove us up to the Estancia. They had upgraded the room we had to a suite and gave us champage and tartes. It was super cute. We went by the outdoor fireplace where people were hanging out for a few minutes, but then went back and CRAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSHED. So tired. So, so tired.

Sun, Jan 24–We had a breakfast brunch at the Estancia and that was super yummy and fun. It was great to see people again without the hustle and bustle of the night before. We finally packed up and headed home to change luggage for the…CRUISE! Passing through the house quickly, I saw the present pile but didn’t see the cards. I didn’t think much of it, as I figured they were somewhere. This will come to play in

Pt. 2–Honeymoon post of epicness

Baking galore


Things I have made in the last week:

-gingerbread cookies (twice)
-peanut butter cookies (twice)
-chocolate peppermint pinwheels (took three days!)
-pumpkin cookies
-chocolate chip cookies
-pumpkin ice cream

Cookie platter from work’s potluck (all handmade by me!)

I was thinking about making a cookie tree, like this one:

to take to OC with me.

Things that need to get done in the next couple weeks for the wedding:
-send DJ music that he doesn’t have
-get Vivi and Fiona to try on their dresses again
-Find and give dress to seamstress for alterations
-layout and print programs and tie them to bubbles (BUBBLES!)
-watch a ridiculous amount of Food Network (ok, that’s not really related, but I’m off for two weeks and I predict this to be part of my day)
We’re heading up to OC on Weds for Xmas. And then heading back on Saturday evening, because I have a wedding (!) to shoot (and be paid!) on Sunday. It’s a paltry payment, but hey, I can has payment! I’m going over to the woman’s house today, who is a neighbor of my co-worker/wedding coordinator Wendy, to kind of walk through and look at her “tiki hut”.
I’m really looking forward to Anna and Jawn coming down the week before the wedding. It will be so nice to have extra hands around. Anna and I can practice wearing our heels and trying not to kill ourselves. And scuff them up.