On my soapbox


A blog I have enjoyed reading this year, Fed Up With Lunch, posted today asking people to post menus from their children’s schools. Obviously, I don’t have any children, but I still have internewts. I looked up the menu for the school that’s down the street from our new house.

This week: (“non-meat” option in parenthesis)
Monday: French toast and beef sausage (grilled cheese)
Tuesday: Hamburger or cheeseburger (fish shapes) (WTH ARE FISH SHAPES?)
Wednesday: Chicken Strips
Thursday: “Nacho’s”
Friday: Chicken Poppers (shrimp poppers)

A) everything is fried or covered in cheese
C) Umm, I don’t think fish counts as a non-meat

Oh wait, it gets better the week after:
Monday: Chicken Fries (cheese filled pretzel)

Cheese. Filled. Pretzel. I’m not arguing that this doesn’t sound yummy, but I don’t think that it’s a very good lunch, especially for a little kid.

When I was a kid, I brought my lunch to school probably 95% of the time. I remember getting to eat school pizza (which I know remember as inedible bricks of cardboard) was super exciting. And I loooooooved the giant chocolate chip cookies for 25ยข. And ice cream day on Friday!

Wait, why was my elementary school selling us cookies and ice cream? I bet those hours after lunch were terrible! At least we had recess. Apparently many schools have like 20 mins for lunch and no recess. I find this awful.

Baking galore


Things I have made in the last week:

-gingerbread cookies (twice)
-peanut butter cookies (twice)
-chocolate peppermint pinwheels (took three days!)
-pumpkin cookies
-chocolate chip cookies
-pumpkin ice cream

Cookie platter from work’s potluck (all handmade by me!)

I was thinking about making a cookie tree, like this one:

to take to OC with me.

Things that need to get done in the next couple weeks for the wedding:
-send DJ music that he doesn’t have
-get Vivi and Fiona to try on their dresses again
-Find and give dress to seamstress for alterations
-layout and print programs and tie them to bubbles (BUBBLES!)
-watch a ridiculous amount of Food Network (ok, that’s not really related, but I’m off for two weeks and I predict this to be part of my day)
We’re heading up to OC on Weds for Xmas. And then heading back on Saturday evening, because I have a wedding (!) to shoot (and be paid!) on Sunday. It’s a paltry payment, but hey, I can has payment! I’m going over to the woman’s house today, who is a neighbor of my co-worker/wedding coordinator Wendy, to kind of walk through and look at her “tiki hut”.
I’m really looking forward to Anna and Jawn coming down the week before the wedding. It will be so nice to have extra hands around. Anna and I can practice wearing our heels and trying not to kill ourselves. And scuff them up.

Dream & teeth update


Had a crazy dream wherein Mike and I were with my mom’s family at a restaurant/my aunt’s house/Santa Fe and my parents announced we were all going on a Hawaiian vacation/honeymoon. As in, they were coming with us on our honeymoon. Hmm. We then decided we had to drive to Las Cruces, and Mike and I were driving separately. There was traffic, and I was confused as to which freeway went out of Santa Fe. I even checked with my brain, which told me the 40 (which is wrong, now that I’m awake) but the freeways I was on were differently numbered. Anyways, I ended up and some crazy hospital sanitarium treehouse, where you discovered your secret super powers. You also had to ask to leave, otherwise they would hunt you down and bring you back. I asked, and was carrying something large, and Jess was there. Eventually, I got back in my car, and went back to the freeway merge and went the other way and drove out a long dusty road, trying to recall how to get to my grandma’s house.

In other news, my lower teeth REALLY REALLY hurt. I put in tray 16 (last tray, sort of!) on Monday night, and had an ortho appt on Tuesday morning. Generally, I put in new trays several days after I visit the ortho, but he’s going on vacation or something. Anywho, he filed the sides of my teeth, which were already sore because of the new tray and OH MY GOD I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. They continue to hurt, and taking out the lower tray this morning was a new experience in pain. Childbirth should be a snap at some point in the future comparatively.



Re: ear piercing

It’s something I’ve thought about on and off for a long time (years) and never felt like there was any “need” except for events when I couldn’t wear earrings. I was thinking of this as being the impetus for me to finally get over the “Ooh, it’s going to hurt!”



One of my users, Denise, saw a picture of the GIANT CUPCAKE I made for Krystal’s birthday and had uploaded to Facebook. Denise could see the business card in the image and thought we had bought it somewhere, so she googled the bakery name, and was like “ooooo!”. She then looked at the contact page and realized it was me! Neat, it was like I’m a real bakery! ๐Ÿ™‚



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