Invisalign Tray 9 (no longer “trays”!)


First up today, we have an Invisalign update. I present Tray 8 Upper (note that that’s the same tray as last time, this one isn’t changing anymore) and Tray 9 Lower.

From Invisalign

Uh, yeah, I can’t really tell a difference here between this week and last week. One of my lower front teeth, the one next to the eye tooth with the button on it, appears to be moving more sideways than forward and it isn’t fitting in the tray well. I am concerned about it.

In other news!
I pulled out of the driveway yesterday morning and turned towards the stop sign (still in front of the house) and my car said (well, not literally, but I’m sure it was thinking it) “HEY IDIOT, YOU HAVE A FLAT TIRE” (which, in reality, was a little yellow tire with a ! in it). I got out, and low, my front left tire was flat as a pancake.


So I pulled it back in to the driveway, pulled everything out of the trunk and secret compartment, and hauled the spare and jack out. I managed to jack up the car with Mike’s help. I sent him along to work, and then had to call AAA, because I could NOT get the lugnuts off of the wheel. They were tightened by Satan or something. Anywho, AAA finally shows up, and he pops that wheel off.
Ah hah. A bolt (and washer!). Seems simple enough to repair.
So the AAA dude pops the spare on for me, which happens to be the dorkiest spare in the history of spares:

Sigh. I drove slooooowly over surface streets to Kearny Mesa Toyota. I pulled it in, they made me wait until someone could check me in… la la..they tell me, no problem, go wait. It’ll be an hour or so. So I’m waiting in the lobby, which has wireless, but for some reason you can’t register for it, so I can’t use it, and time is like . . . . zzzzzz. They finally call me to go see my service advisor. Not the cashier. He says, “Good news and bad news! We *could* repair the tire, but we’re not going to because you need four new tires! Only $600!” I responded that I only had 28k on my car, how could I possibly need new tires? He said Priuses are heavier than small cars and go through tires faster; that most Priuses get their stock tires replaced at 15-20k. And I responded, “Because they’re crappy?” and he tried to convince me they were fabulous. Sorry, man, if your tires wear out at 15-20k, they are not fabulous. He said 28k was a fantastic length for those tires. I left the car there, because it was already 10a, and took the shuttle to work. Wait, what was the good news??

Thence ensued a bunch of googling and calling Costco for the specific kind of tire. Santee turned out to be the only one nearby (except Carlsbad and Chula Vista) that carried it in stock. So Mike graciously picked me up from work and dropped me off at the dealer, and they called the car out. Random worker drove it out and I go around the other side…

Hey, why is the regular tire back on it? It doesn’t look flat? What happened to the spare? The dude had no idea, so I go ask the service guy and he gets all surprised and flustered and goes to ask the tech, who said he repaired it (mumblemumble, I can’t read lips that far away). Well, SWEET, I don’t have to drive home on Gimpy McYellow Spare! The dealer guy tried to make sure I knew that I REALLY NEEDED TO REPLACE THE TIRES NOW. I get it, dude. I drove home, and then went to Costco around 6:30, after the traffic died down. They popped four new tires on, and voilà. They have a 90k warranty on them, so they damn well better last longer than 28k.

The end.



Overall, more even, but not quite as good as yesterday 🙂 I find it really hard to not automatically accelerate when someone is riding my butt. The 5 is always moving a bit faster than the 56, and I seem to accelerate a lot there, too.

Also, Maggie, what the HELL happened to your car??? It looked like a flock of seagulls had thrown up all over it.

I feel a little green today


In honor of Eric, I really tried to stay at or below 65 (well, most of the way, you can see I failed there between the 75mpg and 100mpg block when I got on the 5) and I kept lifting off the gas to turn the gas engine off. I got all the way through campus and up the parking structure with no gas engine, lol.