Wiis in the wild, part 2


*PBS voiceover*
We returned to the place the Wiis had congregated last evening, around lunchtime today. We expected to see their remains, and yet, they remained elusive. Nothing in sight, except a common shoppingus cartus.

Disappointed at not getting another sighting, we trudged on.

And then, a miraculous thing occured. On the far side of the field, alone and outnumbered, we spotted a small cluster.

Only 3 left. Their numbers dwindle fast. One in our group, miriku, grabbed one and walked out triumphant. Their population is now even less. We don’t hope to spot another one for a long time yet.

Wiis in the Wild


Mike and I were at Costco this evening, and we saw someone walk out with a Wii bundle. And lo:

This is the first time I’ve ever just seen Wiis out, like, not being frantically snatched at. And there were 6. I bet they’re gone by tomorrow.