Thanksgivukkah Weekend Project, Part 1


Alas, we had to return home from Thanksgivukkah last night (Friday), as Mike is on call starting this morning. (OK, he was technically on call on Thursday and Friday, but his kind co-worker swapped some days with him). On the plus side, though, we basically had a “weekend” up in OC with my parents and another “weekend” to ourselves.

When I woke up this morning, I felt a surplus of “need” to do something. I spent a little time perusing Ikea’s app, looking at TV stands, after being inspired by my aunt’s at her house yesterday. I was initially leaning towards a dark black-brown stain, much longer, like this:

I also considered it in the white color, as we have the Hemnes coffee table in white:

THEN I saw the matching bookshelf/hutch like thing:

And I was hit by a bolt of inspiration.

When we got the white coffee table

I was surprised that it was just like, a white stain. I mean, I saw this AT Ikea obviously. But it was very different from the white dresser we had upstairs that has like a laquered finish.

If that TV stand had a white stain instead of a laquer, it’d be easy to repaint. I’ve been digging (well, if I used pinterest, I suppose I’d be pinning things) kitchens with blue slate colored cabinets, like uh (googling…)

And since we had adopted Karl, the older Mission style furniture felt a little out of place. Surely, it was functional, but I needed a project! (Ok, I tried to distract myself with cleaning the house first, but that only worked for a few hours.)

I had a vision of repainting the white tv stand blue slate, assuming it was not lacquered (spoiler: it was not). And getting the bookshelf/hutch and painting the back of the shelves the same blue. YEAH!

Once, I actually got to Ikea, consumed meatballs, and chased my friend’s 5 y.o. around with a stuffed panda, I realized the longer TV stand was too big for the room with the bookshelf. I opted for the smaller, cheaper version. (Less painful if this painting thing turns out to be a bust, too!).

The bookshelf I forwent for now. I couldn’t justify its price tag. The holidays are coming! But I have visions of putting all the table cloths and napkins and “good” plates in it and getting rid of the small bookshelf that narrows the hallway into our bedroom. We’ll see.

Anyways, I bought the smaller TV stand and went to Lowe’s to agonize about paint (wait, I bought a picture frame too, where did that go?). It’s suddenly four hours later and this is what I have to show for it:

….one coat of paint on one side. TO BE FAIR, I had to sand everything first.

But I enjoyed myself immensely, just sitting on the floor of the garage, in quiet, painting away.

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