Thanksgivukkah Weekend Project, Part 3


Let’s see. When last we left, I kept painting and painting and painting, and it kept scratching.

Uh, well, that kept happening and I eventually had to give up and say “GOOD ENOUGH”.

I did one more “sand off drippy paint” and coat on the top piece and the sides on Saturday, and then this morning, I dragged everything upstairs to assemble.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

Here we are with the drawers put together, ready to assemble the main frame.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

(Why, yes, since you asked, I do love putting together furniture. I’ve VOLUNTEERED to do it for other people. See my neat, orderly little piles of screws, cams, and dowels? It makes me feel like everything is right with the world :))

By the time I got to this partial assemblage, I’d done a good job at avoiding scratching the paint, except for that central shelf thingy. You have to kind of wedge it in there between all the rails and it scratched the bottom rail a bit. Well, it scratched the back rail, too, but I figured no one would ever see that.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

Another aside, I used to have this great ratcheting screwdriver that matched those two sitting on the ground. It had swappable bits and it ratcheted and I loved it. I haven’t seen it since we moved from Tierrasanta and have assumed it was lost to the move. I miss it.

Once Mike got up, he helped me flip the frame onto the top (I have t-rex arms) and I was able to finish putting the rest together.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

The drawers were the trickiest part to actually seat in there. I scratched up the sides and the bottom rail some trying to figure out how they actually go in. But it wasn’t bad, and I was able to just touch up the paint. We un-stuffed the old unit of papers, games, cables, random bits…aand then we dragged it upstairs to the no-purpose room/someday nursery.

In the context of the room itself, with the couch and the white Hemnes coffee table.

From Thanksgivvukkah Project 2013

I love that we can hide the keyboards and other randomness in the drawers and not have to look at them through the glass. Plus, the computer gets a lot more airflow now. I was always worried it would overheat inside cabinet.

Next step: Next year’s plan is to get that white bookshelf unit I talked about before and paint the backing of it the same blue color. This should take about 1/10000th of the time the TV stand took to paint. This will replace our (foldable!) DVD shelf and the bookshelf that blocks the hallway to our bedroom (not pictured). And figure out what to do with those end tables. And sell all the extra furniture.

It’s still a little bit too scratchable for my tastes, but I am done with painting for now!

Hey, at least we can move around in the garage again. 🙂

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