Zomg Heroes!


Ahhh, next week’s eppy looks to be the best yet!!!

Save the cheerleader!

Also, I wonder what MousyMohinderDeceiverGirl’s supapower is. Flirtation?
Also also, 😥 😦 😦 at the awesomely linguistic waitress. I wish _I_ had that power!!



Damn you, Heroes, for ensnaring me in your web. Kristine walked in to the apt from class and I was shaking the remote at the TV, angry that the episode was already over.

I _still_ haven’t figured out what Whore-Mom’s super power is. Evil mirror twin? And Yay, Pilot Greg is a super hero too! Yay Pilot Greg! (He was the pilot of the plane in Lost that crashed). And he was in Felicity. I ❤ Felicity.