Desk, Interrupted


Well, this post was originally going to be about how they’re shutting down power to our buildings for the next several days and I wouldn’t even be near the desk.

HOWEVER, they moved that power outage back a week (again).

Today, though, is probably a very short-standing day. I didn’t get in to work til 10 due to heinous traffic (left normally, sat on the freeway for 40 mins before moving one mile, exited freeway and went home for a couple hours) and I’m going to be up on upper campus most of the afternoon for some work committee meeting things.

All I have to say about the desk today, then, is that my feet don’t seem to be getting as tired as they were initially, and my right leg hasn’t been achy.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow!

One thought on “Desk, Interrupted

  1. What is it about making huge changes (standing, not sitting) that seem to coincide with other things taking us away from the huge change (out of the office more than in)?

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