Desk, Day 4


Day 4 3/12/13

7:33 A: Well, Penny’s not here today, because a certain coworker was getting all bent out of shape that she was doing dog-like things, like sniffing through the trash for leftover chicken. She’s actually been really pretty good at work lately, only some barking and mostly sleeping. Anyways, hopefully I’ll actually be at my desk for a fair chunk of the day. I picked up some fabric bins and a drawer organizer at Target last night. I love organizing 🙂

11:42 A: Been running around most of the morning, but am back at my desk just before lunch. I filled up one of the fabric with Penny’s food, treats, and other misc things. I still haven’t figured out what I want to put in the other bin. I think I need more–maybe one for workout clothes, one for spare set of clothes, and the third for misc junk. Oooh, I should get a hook. I could hang my purse on it!

11:46 A: Also, we moved all the old desks outside yesterday afternoon in preparation for surplus (hopefully) coming. I’ve named it DeskJam 2013.

2:18 P: Back at the desk, for hopefully the rest of the afternoon. I’ve already done 8700 steps today, which is pretty high for me this early in the day. I’ve been on my feet and moving around a lot and my feet are tired already.

3:40 P: I reached a breaking point around 3:30 wherein I could no longer stand still without moving around or shifting my weight every few seconds. I sat down on the couch. Harrumph.

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