Desk, Day 6 & 7


Day 6 3/14/13, Day 7 3/15/13

9:28 A: I guess today is day 6, since yesterday was a very interrupted day 5. I’ve been at my desk since about 7:30 uninterrupted, which is nearly my longest stretch. My heels are just a little bit sore, but I suppose it’s still early yet.

10:00 A: A half-hour later, and I’m already changing my tune. My right leg is majorly aching. I went and found a box to rest it on.

I apparently forgot to append this the rest of the day, yesterday (it’s now Friday). I gave up and walked down the hill at 10:30, just to get away from the standing. I puttered around there and helped a few people and came back around 11:15 and stood until lunch. Then we went to Eureka! and ate tasty food.

I was at my desk again until 2:30, and then I walked down the hill again for a break. Overall, definitely the most time I’ve spent standing, total. I could really use those mats.


10:15 A: Stood easily this morning until 9:20 or so, when Penny and I went down the hill to work on a computer. I am actually excited about sitting in chairs now! I imagine this will be the last post in the diary of a desk, for now. It’s not very exciting, over time. Maybe I’ll update once we get the mats. The box idea yesterday didn’t last very long. It was crushed in a couple hours.

2:52 P: I was down the hill the rest of the morning, then lunch. Been standing the rest of the afternoon. My feet seem to run out of standing-juice, comfortably, after about two hours. Then I start getting fidgety. Here’s hoping the mats come in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Desk, Day 6 & 7

  1. I have been standing-desking for two years, and have my desk set up so I can’t even fit a chair in here, and I have to say I haven’t really missed it. I don’t have a mat or anything, but I bet it helps a lot that we have hardwood floors–there’s more give in them than the average industrial building (carpet over concrete?).

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