Desk, Day 3


Day 3 3/11/13

8:42 A: Not much to report, other than my secondary (laptop) screen seems incredibly tiny. I spent a lot of time sitting this weekend at the SD RailsBridge conference, and my feet thanked me for that.

10:10 A: My heels are kind of achey already. The mats I ordered last week are on backorder (of course they are). Got my new drawers assembled and put stuff in it, but I haven’t gotten the cable organizer installed yet. I can’t stand the spaghetti of cables hanging down at the moment. The old desk had a solid back, so you couldn’t see anything behind it (or get anything when it fell down, cue me lying on the desk reaching for the dropped cables).

11:14 A: One hunt for the drill, one hunt for the drill bit, and a bunch of wiggling later, and now we are cably-managed. Off to the far right, you can also see the white drawers I picked up from Ikea.

without cable management
with cable management

1:10 P: Back from tasty garlic for lunch. My head is being kind of migrainey, so I’m not sure how long I’ll last standing the rest of the day.
5:20 P: Well, my head was unhappy the rest of the day and I blobbed on the couch for the afternoon. Then we moved our old desks outside for pickup tomorrow (don’t steal them). So, I basically didn’t stand at all the rest of the day.

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