Pic Post


First, check out the sweet fog bank clinging to the hills south of our house on Saturday morning.

Secondly, we were cleaning up the room with no purpose (which seems to be an ongoing battle, as it is the junk room) and the garage yesterday afternoon and discovered this:

We have FIVE standalone fans, not to mention the four ceiling fans we have hung in the house. These standing fans are all remnants from when we didn’t have AC. But still. That is a lot of fan. I theorized I could start a wind farm.

The state of the lemon tree:

One lemon (its second) is almost ripe in the bottom left, and a new lemon (super tiny, top right) is starting to form. Also, it has lots of pretty flowers and smells nice. Win!

The state of the basil plant:

Looking pretty good right now. The taller branch in the back is the transplant from the previous iteration–the only stalk that survived. The lower ones are all new. Some of leaves died already, but I think I made it a little too crowded. It seems like it’s doing ok, and I see new leaves growing.

The state of one of the orchids we got from our housewarming:

Sad? I don’t know what to do with that dying stalk. I tried cutting it off, it didn’t like that. I even gave it orchid food.

The state of the (what I like to call) surprised pothos:

I don’t know, it looks like his leaves are standing up in surprise, like a cartoon.

The state of the pothos from my coworker:

The state of the poinsettia from Christmas:

Dude, do these things just not die? It’s amazing.

The state of the lily that Donna gave us:

Not flowering yet, but still going strong, much better than last August when it kept wilting. (Sorry for the lame, dark picture. Mike is still asleep, and the lily is in our bathroom–I read it likes to be moist.)


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