I had a dream, just before I woke up this morning:
Jen & Eric had called and asked me to house sit for their neighbor (or dog sit, or something-sit). Eric had sent me email with the address. So I drive up there, and I’m at the other end of their street, sitting and trying to find the address on my phone…which is behaving remarkably like a Microsoft Surface. For some reason, a chunk of tomato is what the address is on, but I can’t see it, so I call them and they say to circle round the block and come back to their house. So I turn left and run into a HERD of like 20+ giant dogs, and then turn left again and go down a parallel street to theirs. On this street, my car suddenly has no windows and no doors (MUWAHAHAHAHAHAH) and a different giant dog keeps sticking his head in at me while running beside the car and I keep pinching his nose. He disappears when I turn the corner and my car’s parts reappear. I park in front of Jeneric’s house, which doesn’t really look like theirs, because when the door opens (in the wrong place) I don’t recognize anyone but they all know me and say HEEEEEY! Jen and Eric weren’t even there, but Jess & Charles were sitting on a couch with a cat and someone else. Charles says something to the effect of “These are our potential roommates” (Oh, there are like 10 people smushed in watching TV) “I don’t know any of them, but think of the MONEY I’d save!”

And then I woke up.

Classic Charles, lol!