-What’s your name?

-Are you married?
Yes, to Mike. We got married in 2010.

-Any children?

-What is your profession?
I am a systems administrator/help desk/computer guru/techie person.

-Where do you live?
San Diego

-Are you close with your family?
More than some, less than others.

-What is your idea of fun?
Hanging at home with Mike or just a couple friends

-What kind of movies do you like?
I love Pixar movies and many others. I’m not a huge fan of horror or super tense movies. Gives my brain too many things to be anxious about.

-Do you travel?
When I can.

-What’s your sign?
Funny you should ask. I used to be an Aries, but apparently, now I’m Pieces? If you ask me, my personality doesn’t fit either of them.

-What are some hobbies you enjoy?
Baking, knitting, reading, photography, finding new shapes of Reese’s PB cups (hearts, eggs, trees).

Do you have a question for me? Please, leave a comment and I’ll add it to this list.


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