Desk, Actually Interrupted


This week, they actually shut down the power in our office (and then declared the generator that they got for the neighboring building could also power ours). My co-worker and I elected to stay “down the hill” in the admin building for a sort of work-vacation.

But this also means my lovely standing desk is up the hill and I am not. I’m currently sitting in what we’ve termed “the reject hallway”. This office has a custom, built-in desk, which sounds fancy, but is more a collection of wooden scraps that someone bolted to the wall. No standing here.

Interestingly, though, I value much more being able to sit down.

So, I guess I feel kind of neutral about the standing desk right now? I don’t mind standing, and have a newfound appreciation for sitting. I’ve still not actually lowered my standing desk to sitting height–and mostly used my chair as a jacket holder!

However, it is super nice to be in the building where my users actually are, as opposed to the opposite end of campus.

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