The Standing Desk


Ever since we moved up the hill to our current building/shack/lean-to, we’ve all had these VERY SOLID oak desks that predate computers. They were in the building before us. We had various configurations–there were a couple L shapes, several just straight desks, one small one, etc. My favorite feature was that someone had drilled holes into the tops for cable management–but drilled them IN to the drawers. Very useful.

My desk was a behemoth. It had two giant banks of drawers on either side and one tiny cubbyhole that Penny was always trying to co-opt as her cave. It was just big enough for my legs. I just spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the picture where we did a fire drill and I tried to get “under” my desk in a crazy pretzel formation and didn’t fit. At all. Anyways.

Here is a wideshot of my side of the office after we reorganized it sometime last year.
photo (1)

And here is Penny trying to co-opt my cave.
photo (2)

Sometime last fall, we took some ergonomic surveys, and then had an ergonomic evaluator come out and …evaluate? You have to do this for UCSD’s ergo program to pay for some of your new equipment. In January, we visited the showroom where they had desks and gear on display.

And then, it actually happened. We actually ordered new desks!

I started cleaning the day before they were due. I had 6 drawers full of cruft. Highlights of the cruft:

  • expired Souplantation coupons
  • an entire set of workout clothes I had forgotten about
  • a card from Anna when she first started working at Beyster and send me something in campus mail “just because”
  • an opened packet of hot cocoa (yes, opened. Ew.)
  • so, so many pads of paper and pens and pencils.
  • untold amounts of paper I had squirreled away, including my last 3 merit raise notices from 2006, 2007, 2008. Yeah, back when the university had some money.
  • nametags from someone who retired 5 years ago (WHY)

Cleaned out, cleared off, I AM READY

From Work

It took them about 45 minutes to assemble each desk’s legs and screw them into the top half. Here is mine assembled and in place:

From Work

It’s actually a few inches longer than my old desk, so I have more work space (which I am entirely not using).

But I was, however, able to move everything over to the left, which is less glary and gives me a nice space on the right to work on other computers. Plus, I can see my corkboard, yay!

From Work

I am making a concerted effort not to move the desk back down to the standing position for 1 week. So far, it’s been one day 🙂
photo (1)


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