Must not lower desk


Standing Desk Diary

Day 1

7:40 A: We have arrived at work, the dog has inspected the new desks. I’m feeling good, but the wiggliness of my monitor is annoying. The building is so severely slanted (as much as 2″ drop in 5 feet) that it was impossible to level the new desks perfectly.

8:08 A: I’ve sat down twice–once to play fetch with Penny and once to coerce her with treats until the custodian left.

8:23 A: My heels hurt.

8:58 A: Caught myself with my left elbow on the desk, slouching to the side. Feet are doing ok? A mat would be nice. I scorn my chair.

9:23 A: My laptop screen (off to the left) seems small. I keep leaning over to squint at it

9:29 A: I remember when I worked at Disneyland, and my legs would be EXHAUSTED after standing all day. And I remember being super envious of the pregnant cast member who got to lean against a stool.

9:33 A: Sat on the couch for a minute. My feet are tingly.

1:32 P: Back from dr. appt, walking up the hill (no parking), walking down the hill, lunch, and back. Standing!

2:00 P: Feet hurt. Right leg is kinda achey. Co-worker is sitting down.

3:21 P: Been shifting my weight a lot back and forth. Heels hurt. I find myself leaning forward against the desk so my weight is off my heels. The dog does not care.


3:40 P: Ok, back.


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