I have a prescription that needs to be refilled by Friday (so, Thursday PM, really). I still have a refill, so I called the pharmacy, and they informed me that the prescription expired last week. GAH. Why?? They said they’d fax over the refill request right away to the doctor (also, why fax? You’re probably in the same building? Couldn’t you walk over there and be like, “hey, this is cool to refill this thing that you’ve filled many, many times before?”

So I called the doctor’s office to encourage them to approve it asap and got the standard “It’s a 72 hour turn around time.” Well, that’s great and all, but that puts us AT Friday, and then the prescription still isn’t even filled yet. Which is why I called on a Tuesday for a seemingly simple refill.

I’ve stuck with UCSD’s pharmacies so long because they charge you for 2 months and give you 3 months’ worth. That’s pretty nice.

But, we literally have to do this every time it needs a manual refill. One time, it took nearly two weeks for the doctor to get around to filling it. Argh, so frustrating!

I wonder how Costco’s pharmacy is…


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