Pool Party!


One of our friends has an aunt and uncle with a big house with a pool. Apparently, they only live there 6 months of the year and invite their family to take advantage of the pool during the summer. Yesterday, our friends hosted a pool party and Penny got to come along.

Penny is excellent about not wandering *too* far away. She’ll go exploring, but I know she’s nearby. Their yard was not entirely fenced though, and she was not “at home”, so I had to pop out of the pool a lot to go find her.

She was NOT interested in the pool. She is not, shall we say, a water dog. It was probably close to 100 F outside and there wasn’t really any shade near the pool, so I eventually got out and took her inside. Too hot for the fur coat.

Other than some intermittent barking at innertubes and odd décor choices, she did really well. She didn’t steal anyone’s food (not for lack of trying) and was not hyper or crazy or anything (is she ever?). The low-carb, gluten-free cheesecake that I made went over pretty well, too. The crust didn’t taste like graham crackers, but the texture was pretty good.

We left the party a little early to go to the dog park. Penny loves nothing more than to be chased. She’ll try to bait other dogs into chasing her and it’s really entertaining to watch. She’s picky about who she’ll run with, though! Mike walked her home (and I drove the car back and made my breakfasts for the week). When she got home, she snarfed her dinner down. Which shouldn’t be unusual, but it is for her! 🙂

Sadly, no pictures. I can’t seem to remember to take any..uh..ever.


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