We are very exciting lately


Our evenings have looked like this:
4:30-5p: Get home
5p-5:30/5:45p: Play with dog/talk about day
5:45p: Make dinner
6:30p: Eat
7:30p: Time for walkies
8:30-9p: Home from walkies (yesterday we walked to Golden Spoons, but Starbucks is also a popular destination)
9p: TV
9:30p: I wake up and realize that Mike and I are asleep on the couch and Penny is asleep either on the tile by the door or at our feet.
10p: I wake up again, drag myself to the bathroom and get ready for bed and fall into bed. Penny drags herself into the bedroom and lies down in “her spot”

From Penny

10p-10:30p: Mike rallies and takes Penny out again for a pee break, and then somehow magically finds more energy to stay up and play games/read/do music/website stuff. I pass the heck out.

And then I get up around 5:45-6a and it starts all over again.


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