Timbuk2 Eula Messenger Bag


AKA, my new “purse”. I really wanted something that I could shove my iPad inside, when wanted. My previous “purse” was this

A Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home, which is really a camera bag. It has lots of pockets but its main compartment is too small for much of anything.


Ok, so it ended up being slightly different than the estimated picture, which I understand, because it’s fabric and a pattern and it can’t look EXACTLY like the picture, which was this:

Instead of getting one big burst thing, I got a bunch of little edges, which kind of sucks, but such is life and it’s nonreturnable!

Things that I had in my bag this morning on the way to work:
Wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, dog bags, stupid club cards, glasses cleaner, ear plugs, hair ties, hair clips, ear buds, mini note pad, iPad stylus, iPad, coffee mug, english muffin, DSLR.

(Seen here with coffee and camera removed and muffin eaten)

In sum: AWESOME SAUCE. The sewn in organizer has so many pockets. I haven’t quite figured out what to do with my keys. I opted for the back “center” pocket, thinking I could put my iPad in it, but it doesn’t quite fit. The iPad, however, does fit perfectly behind that pocket, and the pocket keeps it separate from all the shenanigans in the main compartment.

(Unrelated, I love that wallet I have in there, even though the coin pocket zipper frayed out and I ended up ripping it out and now there is just a flappy pocket. Fossil no longer makes it and that makes me le sad. It was called “The Weekender” and it was perfect.)

I am very happy with my new Eula Messenger, and props to Eric for telling me about Jenn’s Eula! The ONLY downside is that I can’t get to my phone without opening the bag. But I think I’ll live.

And now, I leave you with a teaser of what I’ve been baking the last couple days:

Pink Ombre Cake


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