The Keurig Café


Mike and I were sitting at Janet’s Café yesterday with the pupperino. We love that place, and their granola-encrusted-french-toast is amazing (so are the pumpkin pancakes), but their coffee is kind of horrible. Kind of weak and bitter. They even sell coffee to go. And it’s $2.40 a cup! Just plain ol’ black coffee. Not that I buy coffee at coffee stores that often, but I’m pretty sure even Starbucks charges less.

Anyways, this led to a theory of how we were going to open our own coffee shop, and it would be serviced exclusively by Keurig machines. We were just going to keep a metric ton of K-Cups in stock and everything would be like, $1.25. And that coffee would be better than that $2.40 coffee.

The conversation sort of ended there. Later that evening, I made The Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Oatmeal Bars. I’ve been calling them oatmeal jam bars, so forgive me if I mislabel them.

From Baking

They are, in a word, sinful (ly delicious). And really easy to make, other than the arm-workout from the pastry cutter. I told Mike that when we open the Keurig Café, they were definitely going on the pastry menu, along with plum cake, something pumpkin-related (maybe pumpkin-chocolate chip?), and those peanut butter-oat-chocolate chip bars that I love.

It’s totally a valid business plan, right? 🙂


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