Sunday morning with Penny


After bribe-down-the-stairs-pee, playtime, breakfast, and chewtime, she seemed antsy. I figured it was as good a time as any to work on going down the stairs outside without constant bribing, especially since Mike is still asleep and not distracting!

I went downstairs and she followed me, and then I opened the door and she turned around and fled up the stairs. I just left the door open and went outside to sit on the edge of the porch and waited…every time she went down the indoor stairs and made it out to me on the porch, I clicked and treated her. Then she generally turned around and went back in. After a few iterations of this, I moved down the stairs to the bottom and waited. That…took longer. Eventually, she did come all the way down the stairs and she got a click-treat. We did that maybe half a dozen times (side note: as I’m typing this, she came over and laid down and put her head on my foot. AWWW). I eventually got too cold sitting on the concrete stairs, so I got up and walked down the sidewalk a little bit. She followed, and then went in the grass to pee (again!). She ran back to go up the stairs, but I just stayed, and she didn’t actually go up! She turned back around, started sniffing the grass again and then did #2. Yay! It’s only 50 outside, so I decided it was time to go back in. So proud.

Speaking of being proud, we went to the first training class at PetSmart yesterday. There are two other dogs in the class, one is a 1 yo Great Pyrenees mix, the other is a 1 yo pit bull. The Pyrenees was big and heavy and pulled her owners around, and the pit bull jumped and was rambunctious and a little crazy. (I was kind of scared of him.) Penny just sat there and looked attentive and I was kind of glad she’s on the timid side!

From Penny

She is a smarty pants, and while the trainer was trying to teach the pit bull to sit (10+ minutes until he actually sat), Penny was over there pre-sitting, in case treats were involved. She does that to us, too. She’ll pre-sit if we go over to the treat shelf. It’s pretty cute. This week’s homework is to work on click-treat reinforcement, “watch me” (get the dog to look at you), and “sit”.

After posting about how small she was, Kimberly suggested we needed to take a comparison shot in the kitchen to really illustrate the difference.
3 months:

From Penny

7 months:

From Penny

D’aaaaw, she’s growing up so fast.


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