Penny’s new trick this week:
I sit at the top of the stairs that lead outside and give her a training treat.
I move down to the landing (where the door is) and sit. She eventually goes down the stairs and gets a treat.
We go outside (nudge optional).
I go down the outside stairs, she eventually follows and then walks out on the grass and pees. (A variation thereof: she goes up and down the stairs outside EIGHTEEN TRILLION TIMES before actually peeing.)


She then, generally, runs back up the stairs and I wait for her to come back down. Then we try to ninja-leash and go for a trot around the greenbelt.

But hey, two weeks ago you had to carry her! So. Progress!

She had a busy weekend. We took her to Petsmart on Sunday (SO MUCH FEAR, SO MANY CARS). When we got home, she PASSED OUT (in Mike’s closet, which is apparently a good secondary cave).

Later that evening, Matt, Ash, & Savy (2) came over. It took Penny about an hour to warm up and decide that they weren’t trying to murder her. And then she found out that Savy had a cup of crackers and they were quite tasty.

She also discovered the stuffed animal stash on the 3rd floor and turned cannibal:

Somewhere in there, we decorated for Christmas, too.

Last night, Jess, Charles, and Charlie (1) came over. I was so impressed at how much faster she decided Charlie was not going to injure her. She was sniffing his derrière in mere minutes. She was not, however, a fan of crying. She retreated to her tertiary cave (under the dining table) for a bit. Charlie was really good with her, too. And we’ve discovered that babies/toddlers just want to open & close her crate door OVER AND OVER. Which Penny doesn’t particularly care for, as she can’t get in.

Anyways, it’s progress. Having a dog underfoot no longer seems foreign.


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