Penny: Week 3


Well, thus far we have been surviving with a dog. She continues to be skittish, scared of many things (cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, mailboxes, toddlers, other dogs, trash cans, trash bags, dish washer, the snowman decoration on the wall, the kitchen aid mixer). Overall, she has been pretty sweet, and last week we were settling into a good routine, and then we had to go and have her spayed on Friday. She’ll be 7 months on Saturday, so it was high time.

We picked her up on Friday after work and she basically looked like this for the rest of the evening:

Oh, and then she pooped on the carpet and I ran to pick her up and accidentally grabbed her by her now-sensitive tummy and she cried. /fail

Saturday morning, we woke up at 4 because ANOTHER smoke detector battery died and discovered she had vomited all over her crate. Gross. She was low-energy and sleepy most of the day, except the OTHER time she pooped in the house and then pooped ALL over in her crate when we went out for dinner.

Yeah, so I was done with Saturday.

She did better on Sunday, and was practically knocking me over this morning, ready to play. (And then I went to work and she pooped in the house. Mike and I had been wondering why she was pacing and restless. Now we know.)

I’m sure we’ll get back into a routine, but the spaying has been rough. She hasn’t been eating a ton and I just worry. The vet said strict confinement for 7 days (which would be this coming Friday). No running, no jumping, no playing, no walks, no stairs. Which is also hard to do, now that she’s regaining some energy. She seems very confused that we have been trying to coax her down the stairs for the last two weeks and suddenly we’re like OH NO let us carry you!

My mom is staying with her today.


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