Penny Prep


I spent most of my holiday weekend “nesting” in preparation for the dog and incoming visitors for Thanksgiving.

Seriously, I emptied every towel and sheet and blanket and washed ALL of them.


We bought a pack of six cheap towels to be designated at PennyTowels.

We bought her a new martingale collar in “grown up” size, and I’m pretty sure it’s for a giant.

I vacuumed everything upstairs and on the main floor, and then Mike took over for downstairs.

Did some more laundry.

Found the air mattress/pump for guests, remade the guest bed, sorted out all the different sets of guest sheets.

Put together a bag of stuff to take with us when we pick her up, namely, collar/leash, trash bags, water bowl, lots of towels, stuffed animal.

Tested out the giant kennel to see if it fits in Mike’s trunk (it does).

Sorted out details with parents.

Hmm, I do still need to order food, though. Details.


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