The Shopping Cart


We dashed over to Target late last night to pick up some half & half. The parking lot (and store) were ALMOST empty, and I parked my car next to another car.

As we left (we had no cart), the people in the other car were just packing up and getting in their car. And they left their shopping cart between our two cars.

Now, sure, this didn’t mean I couldn’t get out of my parking spot, but the “this is wrong” trigger sprang in my brain and I HAD to put the cart away.

I mean, heaven FORBID that they put the cart away and make the cart-corraling kid’s life easier. Or, they just can’t walk three extra feet and put it in the corral.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect, I’ve certainly been guilty of not corralling my cart, but only when there is no corral in sight anywhere. I even have taken my cart on occasion back to the front of the store. But if it’s not corraled, I definitely push it up out of the way of all cars AND (if possible) put it near other carts so it’s easier to gather.

But seriously, people, seriously, HOW HARD is it to make someone else’s life a little easier? Think of someone else. Put the cart in the corral.


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