Gross, Skunk!


Somewhere before 3a last night, my brain poked me and was like, hey, wake up, something smells bad. I kind of became aware that it smelled like skunk in our bedroom. It has happened a couple times before. There’s a creek right behind our house and some undeveloped land south of it, so there’s room for animals to roam around.

I told my brain to be quiet, that it would go away soon. Then my stomach chimed in and said I don’t feeeel so gooooood. It was pretty foul. I got up, and stumbled downstairs, where Mike was asleep on the couch. Not that he could fix it. I couldn’t decide if closing the windows was a better idea or leaving them open. And I was tired. And cranky. We eventually closed the windows in our bedroom.

I guess it was probably closer to 3:45 that I finally went back to sleep, nose buried in a towel that smelled like Bounce!

And this morning, everything was fine.

Stupid skunk. Someone pass me the coffee.


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