The Last Two Days..


Well, mostly.

When I woke up yesterday, my throat was scratchy. I thought it was one of those “I slept with my mouth open” scratchies that would go away after a couple hours and some water. I went to work. By 10:30 and a trip down the hill later, I was fading fast, all achey and tired and gross. I went home and slept for an hour, which is something I rarely do.

Today, I felt semi-ok, so I went to work again, but by 11 I was not doing so well again, despite more advil. Home, ahoy. I only slept about a half hour when I got home and just felt lethargic and dizzy for a while, but this afternoon it seems like I’m doing a little better.

Things I’ve watched: Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, House Hunters, Giada at Home, Frasier, MASH, Parenthood, and (accidentally) I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

You know what’s a terrible show? I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Seriously. Just. Don’t. Especially the mother of the woman on the show who legitimately used “We was so concerned.” Sigh.


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