Wedding Dishes


Back when Mike and I registered at Crate & Barrel for our wedding, we chose dishes, because, I guess that is the thing to do? We settled on a set after a bit of deliberation, but we failed to actually consider what the dishes were like for common usage.

At the time, we were using a hodgepodge of Corelle dishes that I had acquired in college. I didn’t really care for them anymore, as they had little blue flowers on them and I felt like they were kind of grandma-esque. But Corelle is super durable, stackable, and light!

So, when we got all these new dishes for the wedding, the Corelle went off to Goodwill and we started using all the new plates and bowls.

Here are the “wedding” dishes sitting on our island this morning:

Except, they are really, really, heavy, don’t stack well, and make the most horrific noise when they hit each other because they have this rough ridge on the bottom.

The bowls don’t stack well and are so high that they don’t fit in the washer neatly, either, taking up 2-3 slots for each bowl:

Well, anyways, I knew I was annoyed with them, but I thought Mike REALLY still liked them because they are the wedding dishes.

I saw in the Target ad yesterday that they were having a sale on Corelle. I was there with my dad to get some cards and I just bought the Corelle dishes on a whim.

Turns out, Mike hated our wedding plates, too, but thought that *I* really loved them. Ha!

Behold: neatly stacked and lightweight!

With no gritty ridge!

And it came with these sleek green mugs:

Communication is funny, and yay new plates!


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