Wacky Weather


The last two days have been totally wacky in terms of weather. It’s muggy, it’s RAINING, it’s super hot. I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally move to Dallas, so, what the heck, weather?

However, the proliferation of clouds (and not Kelly, the marine layer) has made for some splendiferous sunsets/sunrises.

Last night:

This morning:

(Ok, sure this morning wasn’t technically a sunrise, but it still looked really neat the way the sun was lighting up the clouds.) That cloud bank has now rolled up north and it’s gloomy out.


3 thoughts on “Wacky Weather

  1. Andy

    This is all part of my secret plan to move a big part of what I love about San Diego (the ppl) to Dallas, Texas (cause it is Texas). And it would have worked too, if it were for those meddling kids and their inquisitive blogger. 😛

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