What I’ve Been Up To


Sorry for the blogging absence, loyal readers (ha!). I’ve not felt a lot like blogging post-dog. 😦

Firstly, we went to Mary’s Donuts in Santee. It’s apparently an institution, and open 24/7. And they had THIS MANY donuts at 6p on a Sunday.

Nextly, I went to Piatti’s for lunch with some friends. I had a burrata salad (a type of fresh mozzarella).
I am having dreams about this salad. That blob? It is not an egg. It’s cheese. And there was avocado. Life doesn’t get more perfect than this.

I recently stopped in an the Apple store to drop off a computer for work. And I saw this.
Best. iPhone. Accessory. Ever. I’m thinking you must leave it outside and then it WIRELESSLY RELAYS the temperature back inside to you, where you are hiding from the evil sun.

Mike bought me this adorable little stuffed creature:

It’s a gryphon hatchling in WoW. (Yes, we are playing again.)

AND, it comes with an adorbs in game pet!
Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 4.42.40 PM
(Awkward pic, the gryphon is off to the far right. Sadly, this is the best of the three screenshots I took of it)

Lastly, I have been swimming like whoa over at the Y across the street from my house. My neighbor, co-worker, and I all signed up for the master’s swim class. It meets MWF for an hour. Here is a workout from a few days ago:

She didn’t write it out, but the workouts are usually 2500-3500 yards. YARDS. The pool is 25 yards one way. The short end of that is 100 laps then! Fortunately (for my arms), I can’t actually finish this in an hour (nor can anyone else, to the best of my knowledge). Most get there a half hour early to start the warm up and do the main set during the hour. I can’t get there earlier, since I come straight from work (which leads to hilarity in driving my car ACROSS THE STREET back to the house). Oh well, my arms are less sore?

Anyways, I hope this post will spur me into posting again. Here’s hoping.

G2G. Pizza is calling.


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

    • We tried to get into Rift, but it never really stuck. I’ve been half-heartedly trying to get this druid to level cap since…oh, 2005? (Admittedly, with a good 5-6 year break in there.)

      • That’s the thing, i still got 6 toons all level 85 on the Eitrig server and it just became repeat,repeat,repeat until it just became ‘old’ and i just stopped playing altogether 🙂

      • I guess that’s the solution then! Play so little that you never reach the level cap (Seriously, this druid is 72 and that is the highest I’ve gotten.)

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