Ant-mageddon 2011


Mike mentioned on Friday that he had had to do a full-scale ant-murdering and cleanup.

We’d been finding stray ants in the bathroom and a few wandering around the kitchen.

And then last night, I was moving the pickles from the world’s most gigantic jar (Costco) to some smaller jars, and I noticed the countertop was moving…

A (very) long story short, they had crawled all over on, in, betwixt, and between the espresso maker (visual: a sea of dead ants floating in the water reservoir) and up into the coffee cabinet and crawling up inside the hazelnut syrup.

We put out traps, sprayed, wiped up, sanitized.

One hour after putting out a trap next to the pantry, this was the scene:

However, I checked the other trap (which was closer to where the espresso maker was) and saw a HUGE TRAIL going back and forth to the trap and going behind the stove. UGGH. I have to figure out how to get behind the stove now.

This morning:
a sea of dead bodies littering the kitchen floor. (Visual: Robyn in latex gloves wiping up dozens and dozens of ant bodies)



2 thoughts on “Ant-mageddon 2011

  1. Best of luck with your battle of the ants!

    We had issues with Ants and Crickets last year. So this year, starting in the spring, I would go around the outside of the house and spray around the bottom of everything using the Spectracide uber-bug-kill stuff. Seems to be doing the job, but we’ll see come fall!

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