Nothing Bundt Deliciousness


Maggie and Justin came over last night for dinner and brought bundts from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I’ve had these a couple times before and luuurve them wholeheartedly. Since we had three baby bundts (try saying that not like the mom in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, seriously.) I thought I’d do a little bundt (booooodnt!) review.

L to R: Chocolate chocolate chip, lemon, marble

In order of being eaten:
Chocolate chocolate chip: OMG this is so moist and delicious and not overpoweringly chocolate. It beats the cake-pants off of the Sprinkles cupcake I had a couple months ago. Seriously. This bundt beat up that cupcake. After finishing my wedge, my fork may have made a detour towards Mike’s slice of chocolate.

Marble: This is apparently their original flavor. I was underwhelmed at first. It just seemed like yellow cake with a dash of chocolate thrown in. But the more I ate of it, the more pleasant it was. But not my fav.

Lemon: I was saving this for last, because I luuuuuurve lemon cake as of late, and have had their lemon bundt before. Sadly, after Britta’s Lemon Cake recipe, I was a little under-lemon-whelmed with this one. Still delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I was waiting for the tart zing, and it didn’t show up.

And then Mike was nice and gave me a chunk of his chocolate chocolate chip, and I gave him a chunk of lemon in return.

In sum, I love chocolate, and chocolate chocolate chip is my new fav flavor.


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