Lunch Prep


I make my breakfast/lunch for work almost every day, and many days for Mike (he has a strong penchant for the Arby’s near his office).

This morning, everything out and ready to be portioned and packed:
photo 1

My lunchbox is on the left. Into it is going:
leftover rotisserie chicken
raw spinach
raw carrots
plain yogurt

Mike’s lunchbox is on the right:
leftover chicken sautéed in onions and garlic
pita chips
bell pepper hummus
granola bar

Mike doesn’t like carrots/spinach (a staple of my lunches) so I have to come up with different “sides” for him. He often gets a pb&j sandwich instead of something that needs to be reheated, as well.
(Also, ignore that jar of garlic hanging out in the background. It was just sitting there.)
It looks like a lot of food, but I swear, it all fits:
photo 2
I bought our reusable lunch bags from Snack Taxi. They’re wonderful and I feel better about not using zillions of little plastic baggies. We each have our own set. I have a polka dot set with a sandwich bag and two smaller bags. Mike has the same setup with “groovy guitars”.

I spent about 10-15 minutes getting lunches (and coffee) set up in the morning. I have a hard time imagining how much longer it would take me if I had to pack for kids, too!


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