A Great 4th


Sooo, I didn’t really take any pictures at our 4th of July party, because I was too busy running up and down the stairs between floors and making sure no one broke the Xbox.

At the busiest, there were:
Three 5 year olds
Two 2.5 year olds
Two 2 year olds
One 18 month old
One 1 year old
One 4 month old

(+20 some adults)

That is a lot of kids (and Mike and I have none). But we all survived. A few left early, and by the time the fireworks rolled around, things had mellowed considerably.

The fireworks were shot off right across the street from our neighborhood, which was pretty awesome.

It was particularly nice for Mike & I because we didn’t have to go anywhere afterwards.

Unlike all these people:
Who are waiting in line to get out of the area. I guess there were a lot of people at the park.

Food, friends, fun, fireworks, what more could you want?

A special thanks to my neighbor, Sonia, for helping and bringing toys!


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