Party Central


In the last five days, I’ve gone to three parties, and we are throwing another one tomorrow.

Party #1 was for my co-worker’s retirement, and I was coordinating, and was very tired and stressed by the time it rolled around. Bonus was, however, that there were plenty of extras which I (after the geeks ate lunch on Thursday and Friday) appropriated for our 4th party tomorrow.

Party #2 was a friend of a friend’s 4th party on the 1st. It was at a swank house in Rancho Encantada out in Scripps/Poway area (new development: Stonebridge). They had a pool and a spa and a yard AND multiple sets of patio furniture. As in, dudes, I can only aspire to have this one day. My salvation was that the house was still “builder” white. We painted our own house, damn it! (Also, they had an entire table dedicated to booze. Like, 30 bottles. There were no kids at this party. This will be important in a minute.)

But that pool was awesome. It had glowing LED lights that changed colors. Like a really slow disco. In water.
And there was a fire pit.
And there were smores.
And I brought square marshmallows.
People were evenly divided on the advent of square marshmallows. Half the group thought it was awesome that they were smore shaped, and the other half was like, “GIMME MY TRADITION!” So, you know, whatevs. I tried the square marshmallows and thought they seemed more like Barbie pillows than marshmallows. They were kind of thin.

Party #3 was a 30th birthday for one of Mike’s college friends. They also had a super nice house out in Scripps Ranch (theme here?) with a big yard and tables and a super awesome play house and a TRAMPOLINE.

However, of the 40ish people there, Mike and I and some other girl were the only ones sans kids. Kids under 7. It was ENTIRELY different from the day before, with kiddie activities, and kid-friendly food, and..a keg.

Oh that reminds me, I was going to ask Josh if he wanted to go get a Stone growler for tomorrow.

Anywho, the birthday had a really nice lemon cake that was home made. Mmm. We left moderately early, and being awesome like I am, I crashed the heck out before 10.

Party #4 is tomorrow, actually on the 4th. They’re having a big shenanigans 4th Festival at the park across the street from our house with fireworks! and everything. This does mean, however, that parking is a bit of an issue. I’m sure it will all work out fine. I hope I’m worrying over nothing and the parking will be ample.

In preparation, we hit Costco and Vons this AM.
Vons was having this deal where you buy two cases of soda and get three for free. Um, yes? I don’t drink that much soda, really, and we were only planning on buying two, but three free! Pepsi Thrroooooowwwback.

And not that you can see it very well, but did you know Costco makes snickerdoodle cookies now? I did not. I still remember (not very long ago) when I thought I hated snickerdoodles. Why? Why would I ever think that?

Bun-ulation is also occuring.

And lastly, we bought this cute pic-a-nic blanket at Target for sitting outside to watch the fireworks. According to my neighbor (we were at my parents’ last year for the 4th), you can just sit outside on the greenbelt and get a front row view. Score.

So, cheers all, and happy 4th.

I’ll be under the bed, recovering from the sugar coma on Tuesday.


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