LED Solar Jars


Mike was off with the guys today, playing video games. Jess and baby Charlie came over for a while, and we walked down to the trolley center and walked around Target. But she left when Charlie got tired, and I had some unknown amount of time left until Mike came back.

I had seen an ad in the Food Network magazine on Friday for these LED “sun” jars on thinkgeek. They’re pretty sweet, but they’re $35 EACH. Yikes.

I remembered that I had seen a blog post about homemade versions somewhere, and after a bit of googling, I found it on Not Martha’s blog: Homemade Sun Jar

I had some fat mason jars from Target, but they’re the kind with the screw top lid, not the pop-top glass lid. I figured I could make it work. Off to Home Depot I went, toting one of the jar lids with me. I found the frosted glass spray paint and some LED solar lights on stakes.

I went home and realized the light bases were way too big to work. Sooo, off to Lowe’s instead and I found some smaller ones that nestle inside the rim of the jar. (And then a brief return trip to HD to return the original lights). Here are the lights I ended up with.

(please ignore my filthy feet)

Next: the frosting
The skewers were suggested by not martha to keep them from sticking to the paper plastic bags.

I then tried to super glue the solar lights onto the rims of the jars. That…didn’t work. I did get glue on my fingers, despite my best efforts not to.

Anyways, here they are, “assembled”:

The lights are just resting on top of them for now. I have to figure out how to get them to adhere a little. Maybe some putty or sticky stuff? They’re not quite as elegant as the ones with the glass lid on top, but sufficient, since I already had the jars lying around.

I also replanted/add-planted my pothos plant so it looks like a many-armed spider instead of a three-armed spider.

My co-worker, Karin, who had originally given it to me, provided me with the new shoots (which were the whiter leaves) to round out the pot.


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