Begone Futon(e)


I just added that (e) so it would look more matchy.

Well, 1) I was sick all weekend. Not like, sick sick sick, but sick enough to moan around and lie in bed most of Saturday.

I say most, because we did make one important trip. We went to Jerome’s and bought a new couch for the downstairs room and got rid of the (3x hand me down?) futon.

Ok, I just spent 20 minutes digging through photos, JUST FOR YOU, to find appropriate timeline illustrations.

This is what the studio/downstairs bedroom/music room looked like when we moved in:

From House construction

What you cannot see in this picture is that there is a closet on the wall to the right, and Mike has removed the closet doors and put his desk in the cubby (it sticks out). He didn’t (doesn’t) like the mirrored closet doors. I can’t say I disagree.

After we painted the room in (looks) October, it looked more like this:
The boys are rocking out playing RB 3
Other than the awesome guitART, the futon really lends a certain, je ne sais college (yes, I realize that is not French grammar, go with it).

Anyways, out with the futon, in with the couch!
Ok, that’s some pretty bad iPhone coloring. Let’s try that again.
photo 1
Still glary, whatever. It’s brown. There’s also a matching ottoman, which was backordered (how do you have the couch in stock but not the ottoman?). So that’ll be delivered later.

On the other side of the room, we moved Mike’s desk out of the closet, and put random stuff that fit inside the closet.
photo 2


Sort of. I read about these window films that you can put on windows/mirrors to obscure them, and that seemed like a good way to make the mirror less…reflective. And it did, except, the film was way too small for our doors. Woops.

So we have temporary obscurement.
photo 3
Eventually, when it annoys me enough, I’ll find bigger film and actually do it right.

The couch is awesome, and the corner seat is my new favorite place to sit. It’s so cozy. You can find me there, right quick.


2 thoughts on “Begone Futon(e)

  1. Lea

    I can’t be 100% sure, not being there, but I like the way the mirror film looks now… Like it’s meant to be etched glass or something. Kind of cool.

    • I like it, too–but would ideally like the mirrored border to be smaller. You can see on the right panel where we tried to get artsy and split it in two, to make the border less obvious, but, that had its own set of problems (which are conveniently obscured by the shelf in the lower corner of the picture)!

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