Bye, WoW, again.


After several weeks of doing real-life stuff and not having time to play WoW (or space, in the case of painting), we logged back in on Sunday night and turned in some quests for a while. I guess. Whatever.

Yesterday, we realized that we had passed the point where you haven’t played in so long that it just doesn’t matter. It’s definitely a consistency thing (for us), and if you don’t keep playing moderately regularly, you suddenly see the time sink and the non-importance. We just didn’t even care if we logged in or not, so we cancelled and uninstalled. I have no feelings about this, really, other than, woohoo, I got 27gb back on my HD!

WoW is supposed to be a super social game, and maybe it’s because I don’t know anyone IRL who plays anymore, but it always seemed terribly isolating to me. I didn’t know people in the guild, the pick up groups were full of random jerks, and people you ran past ignored you. Whatevs.

With that, WoW, I leave you with a screenshot of my character totally bugging out and not switching into flight form while flying over Stormwind.
Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 7.53.52 PM


2 thoughts on “Bye, WoW, again.

  1. Ryan K.

    Alliance scum!

    I too recently quit WoW, but I only started playing it in December. Hope all is good with you and Mike!


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